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Traffic tickets and insurance points

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 Traffic Tickets     Insurance Points:

12 points   · Manslaughter or Negligent Homicide · Prearranged Highway Racing or Lending a car   for Prearranged Highway Racing · Hit-and-run, Bodily injury or Death · Driving with Blood-Alcohol-Level .08% or   More · Driving a Commercial Vehicle with   Blood-Alcohol-Level of .04% or More · Driving While Impaired · Transporting   Illegal Intoxicating Liquor for Sale           

10 points    · Highway Racing or Lending a Car for Highway   racing Violation           

8 points    · Driving During Revocation or Suspension of   License or Registration            

4 points   · Reckless Driving · Hit-and-Run, Property Damage Only · Passing a Stopped School Bus · Speeding in Excess of 75 mph           

3 points   · At-Fault Accident Resulting in Bodily   injury or death; or Properety damage Only of $2,000 or More          

 2 points    · Illegal passing · Speeding in Excess of 55, but Less Than 75 · Following Too Closely · Driving on Wrong Side of Road · At Fault Accident   resulting in Property Damage in Excess of $1,000, but Less than $2,000           

1 point   · All Other Moving Violations · At-Fault Accident resulting in Property   Damage Only $1,000 or Less           

 · · Points stay on   record for THREE YEARS 

· · DWI conviction   causes one year license revocation. 

· · Second DWI conviction   requires mandatory jail time.   


POINTS                                       RATE INCREASE

 12                                                400%

 11                                               350%

 10                                                300%

  9                                                 260%

  8                                                 220% 

  7                                                 180% 

  6                                                 150%

  5                                                 120%

  4                                                    90%

  3                                                    65%

  2                                                    45%

  1                                                    25%    

Call and talk to an attorney BEFORE you pay a traffic ticket!

When you pay a traffic citation or speeding ticket, you are pleading guilty to the offense. This can result in points against your insurance and drivers license that can cost you thousands of dollars in insurance rate increases and in some cases the loss of your driving privileges. If you have a good driving record, you may be eligible for a reduction that will avoid insurance and drivers license points.  Call the Law Office of Douglas J. Meis and I can help you decide if you need an attorney and discuss how I can help you if you decide to hire me for your traffic charges. I have over twenty years of experience in traffic court handling everything from speeding to driving while impaired charges. Call me and I will put my experience to work for you.    


  Driving while impaired (DWI) is a serious offense. If you have been charged with DWI, consult an experienced attorney before you go to court. Your initial consultation is free and I will analyze your case for possible defenses to your arrest for DWI: - Were you legally stopped by the police? - Did the police have probable cause to make an arrest after the stop? - Were you legally impaired?    Even if it is not possible to obtain an acquittal, I can help you to minimize the consequences of your DWI. A DWI conviction will cause you to lose your license but you may qualify for a limited driving privilege during the time that your license is revoked.



   If you have failures to appear or other problems on your driving record, call me for a free consultation. It may be possible to “clean up” your driving record so that you can become eligible for a drivers license. This usually involves getting unpaid tickets and cases where a defendant failed to appear put back in court.   

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